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A few comments from customers...

Hey Ho Scott

I've been examining my clarinet very closely to observe the work you did. But I can find no evidence of a crack or of nine pins. You are definitely skilled my friend. Thanks for such a masterful job.

Scott -

Thanks for keeping my horns tight!

Steve Berlin
Dear Scott,

Thank you for your help with my daughter's oboe. I will be back in touch with you about the saxophone.

Thank you so much for letting me send you the rest of the money! The clarinet is great! Thank you so much :)

Thanks Scott!

My clarinets feel and sound great.

My clarinets feel great!!

Thanks for the intervention!

Ashley Cook
The Buescher plays nicely!


p.s. Thanks for the suggestions re: alternate fingerings.
Hey Scott,

Great work, bro. Thing sounds like a young stallion instead of old mare. Thanks.

—Wally Shoup
Dear Scott,

Thanks for all the great repairs and adjustments over the years. You've been patient and creative when dealing with my fussiness! Bravo!

Sean Osborn
Thank you!

It is (bass clarinet) wonderful!

—Larey McDaniel
Thanks so much for taking care of my problem. It works great.

Now, do you make bassoon reeds?

Scott -

Your improvements were great!

My thumb is much happier!!


Bill Smith
Thanks for the on demand repair —

Here is a card to get some pizza down the street—you'll like it!

Hi Scott -

Great job on my sax. It's amazing how a bunch of little things can add up in how an instrument plays.

I'm looking forward to some duets...


Ted Hegvik

Thank you so much!

I don't know what adjustments you made but it plays great!

Thanks again!

Jessica Barker
You do GREAT work!!


Bruce Wilson

Many thanks for keeping my "Naked Lady" in good shape all these years.

See you soon,

Wally Shoup
Hi Scott--

Just want you to know that my tenor is the best it's been since I've owned it.

You absolutely nailed the compromise between G# and the lowest notes. And, everything else is right on.

The only noticeable change (other than the absence of lag or flutter in G# and the lack of stuffiness in the G-Octave-Vent notes) is a slight change in the stability of altissimo B-flat, which is probably due to the lack of crud in the octave vents. As I have been playing (a couple of hours when I got home last night and an hour so far today) I am acclimatizing to that change and homing in on that note (it wants to pop up one partial and be a C now).

Now I have absolutely no excuses. I've been learning these hard arrangements I wrote (they sound so good on the piano, but somehow, it never occurred to me that I would have to solo fluently over these odd harmonies--go figure).

If my focus and energy are good Sunday, my session should go well.

I especially appreciate the patience and time you gave me after you thought you were through with me for the day.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

David Evans
Scott -

Just a short note to tell you how much better my instrument is responding and how improved my pitch has already become courtesy of your counsel. Thanks again for help and effort.

Carl Gulledge

Thanks for doing this so quickly, Sophie says it plays divinely.


Thanks again for your fine work!

Dear Scott:

You have done exemplary work on my son David’s instruments-his Buffet E-ll clarinet and more recently his alto Buescher Aristocrat. I’m certain we will continue seeing you in the coming years, but I want to take a little time to thank you for your professionalism, excellent customer service, and the support and advice you’ve offered to David (he’s quite excited about the Rascher book you recommended to help him improve the Altissimo on his “new” hom).

John C. Stewart

The A clar is amazingly in tune! I didn't need a tuner to know it was much better! You the man--repairman, that is! Thank you so much! And the bass is loads better! Thanks for all your work--and thinking--that made the A my favorite of all my clars.

Kathleen Farrington

I just wanted to let you know that I heard from Patrick yesterday after his 5th day at the Mel Brown Jazz Workshop, where he has been playing his bari 10+ hours/day.

He couldn't be more happy with the horn. In fact, he really loves it, the more he plays it. He is particularly impressed with the action, which he finds much better than the modern Yamaha he has played for the last four years. I guess that reflects your setup and adjustments.

We are grateful for the effort you went through to make it possible for him to get the horn in time for this week's camp. Thanks for the email updates as well. You did excellent work on the horn. It is Patrick's most prized possession.

Thanks again for everything.

Steve Singleton
Scott -

Thanks for the great job on the "mini beast".

We're all lucky to have you in Seattle!

- Bill Stickney

Enclosed is a check for the... clarinet we discussed.

Thanks for the help... in finding my son his next clarinet.


Janet Brislawn

Thanks for your great work on the Zephyr. Now that I've broken in a reed and I've put some time into it, it really booms and I'm having lots of fun playing it. I'm kind of afraid my low Bb will vibrate the earth apart. I've improved my intonation on it such that I'musually within 100 cents by now. Hopefully that figure continues to drop.

--el Inspector

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