Buffet bass clarinet key mod.
There are four pads on the newer Buffet bass' that are screwed in place over a little resonator (metal disc). These pads can become a problem with age and cause a significant leak. I have the perfect solution to this problem. Ask me about this repair if you own one of these instruments.

This image shows the key with pad removed, glue cleaned up, and the factory spud soldered into place. Above, you can see 3 new spuds that I manufactured on the lathe.


Now you can see the key, with the factory spud removed.


Now the spud screw, resonator disc and new spud are mounted to the pad, and the pad is glued into the key cup, like normal.


In this image you can see the new spud mounted on the back of the pad, instead of being mounted on the key cup.


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