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serial number information for Leblanc clarinets

Leblanc Clarinets
Roots of company date to D. Noblet of France in 1750.
G. Leblanc Corporation itself, founded in 1946.

See this page for a brief history of the company.

G. Leblanc Corp. has never released a serial number list.
They may give you the information if you contact them.

G. Leblanc Corporation is now a division of Conn-Selmer.

Conn-Selmer, Inc.
600 Industrial Parkway
P.O. Box 310
Elkhart, Indiana 46515 USA

Telephone: (800) 348-7426

French Office
G. Leblanc S.N.C.
13, rue Georges Leblanc
27750 La Couture-Boussey, France

Telephone: 011 332 3236 7503
Fax: 011 332 3236 0998


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