Granlund Woodwind Repair
a little chatter concerning my saxophone repairs
and a photo gallery or two

It seems that some sort of explanation might be in order.

for now...

in a while...

beyond that...
some completed repairs
to the right I'll be adding some photo collections of interesting repairs I've done

a little about what I do and why
I do seem to have a mission here...

who knows?
more sax yak of some kind
photo galleries
Loomis Double Resonance C melody saxophonegallery-loomis
Tool Post Grindinggallery-sharpening
A Pan American soprano sax comes back to lifegallery_PanAmerSop_tmb
A Buescher Aristocrat alto sax returns to servicegallery_Casey_alto_thb
A look at two Grafton alto saxesgallery_grafton_thb
A huge repair job brings back a rare low A Selmer baritone.IMG_1193_thb
A another huge repair job brings back a family's 1913 (!) C Melody.scenes from a Conn New Wonder C Melody overhaul


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