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a little chatter concerning my clarinet repairs, etc.

Some possibilities offered, and some explanation:
Scroll down for galleries of completed repairs.

DSCN0113_thb PiezoBarrel pickup install.
I've installed a number of these pickups now, for customers. On necks, both bass clarinet and sax, and onto clarinet barrels and mouthpieces. Each style of install requires some specific tools so I've put together a little kit. When a request comes in I'm ready to proceed.
Here are some photos of a bass clarinet mouthpiece install.

DSCN3986-tmb Clarinet tenon rebuild
On occasion, sadly, a clarinet is damaged by a repair tech, lacking the skill to successfully complete the job. Does your clarinet wobble in the middle (or at the barrel joint)?
Maybe one of your tenon ends looks rounded off, like the image to the left, rather than crisp and square? I have a nice solution.


tuning rings
I'm able to manufacture custom sized tuning rings for all clarinets. Your needed diameter, your width.
Manufactured on precise Austrian machines.

Bass_Clar_Spud-tmb Buffet bass clarinet key mod.
There are four pads on the newer Buffet bass' that are screwed in place over a little resonator (metal disc). These pads can become a problem with age and cause a significant leak.
I have the perfect solution to this problem. Ask me about this repair if you own one of these instruments.

DSCN4292_tmb Bass clarinet neck tenon rebuild.
Does your bass clarinet neck wobble, even after having the tenon cork replaced with a bulky cork? If so, it's time for a rebuild.
I have a great solution! Ask me about this repair. You need a wobble-free neck!

Broken finger tube rebuild.
Has your lower joint received a blow that resulted in a broken tone hole? It's not necessary to buy a new lower joint.
There is a way to repair this! Check out this 'new tone hole'.

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A nearly destroyed Leblanc BBb contra-bass is saved from the recycle bin DSC02420_thb
Build a Magnehelic gauge? Yes! DSCN4428_tmb


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